About JustAsq

JustAsq is a bot-assisted live chat platform that allows you to have rich conversations with your website visitors from your smartphone and convert them into customers.
Acquire New Customers: Chat directly with visitors to your website and convert them into customers.

Build Your Own Chatbot Assistant: Customers want to chat now, but you aren’t always available. Build your own chatbot to share your latest promotions, about the business and validate real customers.

Manage Your Team: Use the JustAsq Messenger to chat with your team and escalate customer queries to the right people.
JustAsq is the first live chat to come with a chatbot builder to help you communicate with your website visitors and validate real prospects. Our rich chat and team messenger help you improve your relationships with both your customers and your team.
Anyone can sign up for JustAsq!
Signing up for JustAsq is simple. We just need a few details from yourself and a valid method of payment, either a credit card or paypal account.
JustAsq has 3 price plans that are based on the size of your sales team and number of websites you have. View our plans here.
Yes, JustAsq is responsive and provides a great experience on any device, big or small!
No requirements needed! JustAsq is compatible in all browsers. We support Firefox 44, Chrome 48.0.2564, Safari 9.1, Microsoft Edge 27.11099, Internet Explorer 11 and above.
JustAsq is very secure. All user information is encrypted-in-transit and our bots are hosted in the same secure environment as Netflix, Amazon and other great companies who care about your data privacy.

Creating my widget

Yes, you can edit the colours, text, images and office hours of your widget as often as you’d like. BUT you will have to generate a new script and re-install it on your website each time you make changes.
Whispers are proactive messages that you customize to prompt your website visitors to start a conversation with you.
You can set as many as you’d like, but we recommend setting a time during the week that you are available, and another for your weekend availability.

Assistant management

JustAsq Assistants are chatbots that you build to share information about your company, latest promotions and to help collect sales leads. They act as a first layer of communication, so that you don’t get bombarded with chat requests.
In your JustAsq Mission Control, go to the “Assistants” section and follow the instructions. You can set your assistant up in less than 5 minutes!
Yes! You can edit it everyday if you’d like! Just click on the edit icon, it looks like a pencil, and edit away.
Yes, your Assistant does validate a prospects mobile number and email before allowing them to contact you.
The Assistant user flow is prefixed. However if you feel that you would like a much more immersive and automated experience, please contact us at support@justasq.me.
Based on the office hours that you set you can welcome your website visitors in a different way, depending on whether you are available to answer their requests, or contact them later. If you set your availability to 24 hours, 7 days a week, your customers will never see the After Hours Assistant.

Agent management

Add an agent in 4 simple steps:
  1. Login to your JustAsq Mission Control
  2. Select Agent and click on “Add an agent”
  3. Fill up the agent details and click “Next”
  4. Select your channel you would like the agent assigned to
Your agents now will have to download the JustAsq Messenger and sign in using the details you set for them.
You can remove an agent from your channels or account at any time by clicking on the delete icon, which looks like a trashcan, next to the agent you’d like to remove.
Agent information can be edited by themselves in their account settings within the JustAsq Messenger.
If a visitor on your website would like to chat with you, your assistant will validate their information before passing it down to your agents. At this point, your agents will receive a notification sound and message that a customer is waiting on their JustAsq Messenger. All new chats will be in the “New” tab.
There are a couple reasons why this could be happening:
  • Your agent needs to turn on notifications for JustAsq in their settings
  • You have not assigned your agent to the right channel
If you are still having issues, please email us at support@justasq.me.
Agents are only notified of a chat request from a website visitor after they have given their contact details to your Bot Assistant.

Installation & Troubleshooting

You can reset your password by simply clicking the “forgot password” link on the log-in page and following the instructions. An email will be sent to you with a time-sensitive unique code that will allow you to reset your password. Message our support team at support@justasq.me if you have any additional problems.
First you have to subscribe to one of our plans, whereupon you will receive a confirmation email with your login credentials and be linked to your JustAsq Mission Control. Once in your Mission Control, simply set up your Widget, Assistant and assign your Agents (including yourself) to the correct Channels! It should take you less than 10 minutes.
Once you have finished setting up your Widget, Assistants and assigning Agents to your channels, you will be able to generate your embed code. To install, simply click on the “Generate code” button, copy the code, and place it right before the closing </body> tag of the page.
If your website address (URL) changes, you can edit it in the Widget section of your Mission Control. Follow these 3 steps:
  1. Select Widget at the left menu and on the edit;
  2. Enter the new website link and click Next to complete the new changes; finally,
  3. Click on the “Generate code” and copy the code and place it right before the closing </body> tag of page you have JustAsq Engage on.
Yes, any website! However, The Essentials and Growing Teams plans only allow you to place JustAsq on a single domain. If you require multiple domains, please upgrade to the Digital Guru plan or email us at support@justasq.me.
Anytime you make a modification in the Widget section of your Mission Control you will have to re-install the embed code. Changes to the Assistant and Agent section do not require an update.
There are a couple of reasons this could happen, troubleshoot the problem by:
  • Check to ensure that the website URL you entered in Mission Control is correct;
  • Double check that you copied and pasted the Embed Code correctly; lastly,
  • Make sure you have an active subscription with no outstanding invoices.
No, as disruptions are few and will be only temporary. However, we will notify you 3 days prior to the scheduled system maintenance downtime or system upgrades.

Billing & Payment

You can download a copy of your invoice in the Account section of your JustAsq Mission Control. You will also be emailed your invoice each month. If you subscribed to JustAsq through a third-party, your invoice is held and sent through them.
If your billing information changes, you will have to change it in your PayPal account. If you have subscribed via a third-party, you will need to update your billing information through that service.
You can change your plan within your account page. If you subscribed to JustAsq via a third-party, you will have to change plans through that service. Email us at support@justasq.me for help.
Although we hope you never stop using us, we will not charge you a cancellation fee. But before you leave, please chat with us at support@justasq.me and we’ll see what we can do to help you stay. :)
Of course, you can cancel at any time. However, we hope that if you do decide to terminate your plan, you chat with us at support@justasq.me so that we can solve your challenges. :)
You can subscribe to JustAsq using a PayPal account, or via one of the many other Business App stores that sell our service.
Your billing cycle begins 14-days from the day you register an account on JustAsq. If you are billed through a third-party, your billing cycle may be different.